Independent National Union 

To strengthen political power independent from the two-party system to enable the Independent governing of American cities, states and nation. 


Independents Governing Independently

The Independent National Union is a political vehicle for citizens who do not identify with the Republican / Democrat two-party system to organize strategically for American Independence. The Union is committed to running programs that enable increased coordination, and therefore increased political power, of individual and group actors independent from the two entrenched parties.  The INU was officially formed October 24th, 2020 in Cheyenne Wyoming by a coalition of delegates who convened at the inaugural Independent National Convention. 



One Independent Per Race

As a union, we have the capacity to support collective action, create tools and concentrate resources for the Independent Sector not otherwise available by independent agents progressing their own initiatives. The following are the programs the INU will be developing and immediately testing in 2021. 


Creating relationships, databases, systems maps and other tools than enable effective, efficient, coordinated action as a US Independent Sector.  


A process to identify all non-two-party candidates in a given race and facilitate conversations and voting to determine the best one Independent candidate.


Build Independent coalition and local community to support INU Nominees and deploy tools, resources and expertise to maximize campaign outcomes.


Hold INU elected officials accountable to ‘INU Governing Standards’ and empower them with tools and templates to improve ‘quality of life’ and ‘good governance’ for their constituents.


Developing a vision and critical path for a thriving future of American governance.


Providing templates that enable citizens nationwide to participate in tactics designed to disentrench the two-party duopoly and enable our independent future. 


Declaring Independence, Again

The INU is operating on a four-year roadmap of declaring independence in the US.


In 2021 we will run our first experiments of ‘Integrated Independent Nomination Processes’ in local elections as well as ‘INU Backed Races.’ Our goal is to learn how to effectively distill a cohort of non-two-party candidates into the one, best Independent Candidate - supported by the rest to run a campaign that results in independent governing.


Building confidence in our brand and process, we seek to extend our membership and alliance of partners and conduct more than 100 INU nomination processes in various locations and types of election races with the goal of INU backing 100 candidates in 2022.


Meanwhile to our electoral activities, the INU will be taking legal actions designed to systematically disentrench the two-party duopoly while building Independent solidarity. We will further participate in local and state 2023 races to build national confidence that Independents are uniting and ready to work together to ensure the Independent future of our country.


Our vision is to support 1,000 independent races in the 2024 election cycle while building confidence with the American electorate to facilitate a national ‘Integrated Independent Presidential Candidate Nomination Process’ to build national support behind ONE 2024 US Presidential Candidate. Between pervasive INU supported campaigns nationwide as well as a focused INU supported Presidential Race, we stand the chance to flush our American system with citizens ready to govern independently as well as liberate the Executive Branch of the US government from two-party control.



December DC INU Assembly

The INU is currently in the process of recruiting core collaborators, team members and resources needed to implement our 2021 roadmap. The next step, after INC2020, is an Assembly Dec 1-6 in DC for those inspired to play a role in the formation and development of the INU to come together, form teams, share insights, build relationships and move the mission forward. Read more and apply here.  


Uniting Independents

You are invited and requested to get involved. If you are aligned with our mission, know that your participation is a critical ingredient needed for our success. 

Register as a Member of the Independent National Union 

The INU is gathering Independents from around the country ready for a community of independent political coordination without dogma, ideology or identity politics. The INU is devoted to process and is open to membership from US Citizens and Green Card Holders around the country of all ages and from all cultural and political backgrounds.  You can register for free, or select a modest or generous monthly backing to support the programs of the Union. Every new member registered, and every dollar raised counts! 

Reach Out 

We want to hear from you.  Whether you are a concerned citizen with a perspective you want heard, the leader of a major independent political network or anyone else with something to contribute, we will read your message carefully and respond right away.