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Second Biennial Independent National Convention

INC 2022


INC 2022 will be the greatest convergence of Independents in US history! 


Bringing together independent-minded Republicans and Democrats, leaders of independent parties, reform activists, local organizers, independent candidates, and passionate independent people across the country, the INC 2022 will establish the vision, lay the roadmap and build the relationships necessary to ensure a positive transformational journey ahead, towards our country’s thriving future.   


This nation was founded on the premise of political independence.

As we return to ideals from our origin, we gain the insights needed to steward our rebirth.


The Independent National Convention 2022 will offer 6 days of learning, inspiration, training, introductions and celebration to activate the United Independent Movement. 


Now is the time to create transparent, accountable and effective government with representatives responsible for thinking, speaking and acting from their own conscience for the betterment of all. 


Where: Austin, TX

When: October, 2022 - Date coming soon

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